Swingin Squares - Jasper, Alabama
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We're The Swingin Squares!!!
Join us 3rd Saturday in November - annual dance   Food, Fun, & Fellowship in Jasper, AL

We had a booth at NW Alabama Fair - Sept 2008 And Won 1st place blue ribbon

We Have Fun
       Graduation - Find Your Match               Burt in a Skirt
         Graduation - Dance in Bags
    Christmas Club Dance - Sing Along     Dance in the New Year

We Travel
  SSQ - Fontana 2005 (Idiot Dance)
           SSQ at Fontana 2006 (Idiot Dance)                           SSQ at Fontana, NC 2007   SSQ at Smoky Mountain Ball - Gatlinburg, TN

We Stay at Home - Community Involvement
           Annual Cancer Benefit Dance    We have fun and raise money for a good cause May 2008 Dancing - Ridgewood Nursing Home                The patients love it

   May 2006 Dance at Ridgeview Nursing Home                  Very appreciative audience   Dance at Hickoryland BBQ Restaurant           Lots of fun but no free lunch

     2007 Pilot Club Christmas Fund Raiser